Monday, January 31, 2011

Just call me Meg. Please.

In 1972, my parents named me Megan. We lived in Pittsburgh, PA at the time. Megan wasn't a family name and had no significance beyond the fact that not many Megans were being born then. Along came 2nd grade in Miss Graham's class, and suddenly we were three Megans and a Meg in a class of 20. Now every little girl and her cousin are named Megan.

They also picked Megan as the spelling instead of Meghan since it was simpler. I'm not sure that anyone beyond friends and family have ever spelled my name correctly. It never ceases to infuriate me either. How can you not come close?! At least up north, everyone misspelled it with an "h". I live in the south now. People in NC want to spell my name in so many crazy ways. Meghan, Magen, Meagan, Magin, Meaghean (seriously?), Maygen, Megann. I could go on. They also mispronounce my name 'round these parts too. Instead of simply "Meg-an," they call me "May-gin" or worse, the dreaded "Meee-gan."

So now I go by Meg. One syllable, three letters. So far so good. If I could only find a way to abbreviate my Polish last name that they also can't pronounce and spell, I'll be in good shape.


  1. People can never seem to pronounce my last name. So I assure you that three letters/one syllable will still manage to somehow stump some people. But it's okay. Those are the kind of people you want to avoid anyway.

  2. I'm a "Lori". I was born in 1964. I think it was common then. What's interesting now is that when asked the spelling people will start to guess "is that Lori with an "e"; or is that with two Rs? Funny now that everyone puts a spin on the spelling of rather common names, mine must deserve that the same treatment. And sadly, I can't shorten mine at all.... can you imagine if I said my name is "Lor"?? Then they ask is that Lor with an "e"?? Then doesn't that make it Lor-E again? Ha ha ha .....