Monday, February 21, 2011

Pick-up Line-?

I don't have a lot of bus stop stories, maybe because we always lived close enough to school that we walked.  So, my story is not a school bus stop story but a city bus stop story.

I had dressed up slightly, in that I had on a denim skirt instead of jeans.  I also had my fabulous very vintage looking green coat on.  Every one wanted to know where I got the awesome coat and then nobody believed me when I told them it had come from Target! 

Whoops...I'm wandering again... I was listening to my portable CD player, as I do whenever I ride a bus, because it usually keeps people from talking to me.  I was just standing there, and this guy was standing sort of off to the side from me, and I realised he was talking to me, I have no idea how long he had been talking to me. I pulled the headphones off my ears and said, "I'm sorry, if you were talking to me,  I didn't hear a word you just said."
"I was just saying that you have a very Jackie O vibe about you." I had no idea what to say to that, first of all anyone who has met me for more than 5 minutes knows that is absolutely not true. All I could do was smile and say thank you.  There was some small talk about my coat...and then the bus got there thank God for small favours! I put my headphones back on and didn't get bothered again the entire way home!

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  1. I think you have a really interesting opinion of what it means to be bothered. I would have taken it as a compliment, although I'm not a terribly big fan of Jackie O (what am I, a communist)?