Monday, April 4, 2011

The Happiest Baby on the Block

When my daughter was under a year old, but not a newborn anymore, she generally never cried. She was just happy. Content. Glad to be a live and kickin it. Sometimes, she would look bored or sad, but generally, wouldn't cry.

She cried so rarely that I can only remember her crying on a few occasions:

1. I gave her a a piece of avocado to eat. She tasted it and cried. It turned out to be rock hard and not at all ripe.

2. She occasionally cried for a minute or two when I put her to bed.

3. She cried for a minute when I put her coat on.

So, basically two minutes of crying a day, if that.

When she was a newborn, her father and I used to joke about "The Baby Wheel of Fortune". It just seemed completely random, when she was happy or sad or angry. She'd cry. She'd laugh. She'd sleep. But, after a few months, it changed. One day her father said,

"You know, it seems like the wheel of baby emotions has just been stuck on 'happy' for a few months now."

"I know," I said. But I didn't want to jinx it! So, we rarely spoke of the lack of crying in our house. It just was. I rarely spoke of it to friends with children, because I didn't want them to get jealous or suggest there was something wrong with her. Also, it's not the most polite thing, when someone else's kid is screaming, to say,

"You know, my baby never cries."

It's actually hard to fit it into any conversation without sounding like a complete jerk. So, I never mentioned it. But it was the darndest thing. Sometimes, you're just lucky.


  1. How very lucky you are. I loved your "Baby Wheel of Fortune." How true that statement is and also true that other parents would be jealous of your child never crying. Thanks for the laugh from a fellow mom, Sandra