Thursday, June 2, 2011

Changing Places Between Oakland, California and Fort Collins, Colorado

When I was twelve, my aunt, my dad and I drove from Oakland, California to Fort Collins, Colorado. (They did most of the driving.) Between the two places are a whole lot of deserted diners. We stopped at one of these places, the only customers, and in spite of the lack of business, there was a sign instructing us to wait to be seated. A nice lady placed us in a brown booth at one end. Let's call it "The South End" of the restaurant.

We looked over the menu. She took our orders. Then we looked around.

Aunt Lou: "It looks nicer over there. Why did she seat us over here?"

Dad: "It does look a lot nicer over there."

Twelve Year Old Me: "Yeah."

Aunt Lou got a familiar gleam in her eye. "Should we switch?"

Me: "Yeah!"

Dad: "Yeah!"

So, feeling like we were being a little naughty, we moved to the sunnier, happier North End of the restaurant- far from our assigned seats. The waitress came in with our tray of food and looked momentarily confused, then plastered on a false smile and commented on our switching places.

To twelve year old me, this was all so crazy! We made a waitress slightly annoyed! Holy cow!

But, the best part was, at the next deserted diner, we did it again! And then at the next one! We were just switching seats for no particular reason! Doing whatever we wanted! It was anarchy! You should have seen the looks on those waitresses' faces! They were all a little bit annoyed!

Once we got back to places where we weren't the only ones in the restaurant, though, the game was over.

I mentioned this once to my dad and he doesn't remember it at all.

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